Jan Rollenhagen

Jan's art career started as a profesional fashion designer with a design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. In 1985 she left the corporate world to become a full-time artist. She has used her love of form, line and color to express herself in pastels, and received Signature status from the Pastel Society of the West Coast in 1987.

She then transferred her love of line and form to cast paper sculpture, with its purity of color in a three dimensional form. She captured grace, movement, and beauty with her amazing technique. These sculptures were hand made by Jan, starting with creating the base model, mold making, paper fabrication, casting, and assembling the completed piece. Cast Paper Sculptures were produced in a limited edition of three to twenty pieces, depending on size and casting conditions. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. These pieces are no longer in production.

Jan has participated, and sold, in the New York City Medallic Arts and Sculpture Show at the well known Pen & Brush Club.

With the introduction of gourd pyrography to her repertoire, Jan feels she has come full circle. She relishes the combination of creating an object of art with Nature's own invention: gourds. She looks for the spirit of the gourd, then enhances it with carving, dyeing and wood burning, putting her originality into the gourd.

In November 2007, the maple leaf gourd placed second in the sculpture category at the Nevada Days show in Carson City. Jan was the featured artist in the October, 2008 issue of " Gourd Fever", the newsletter of the Northern Dipper, a Canadian Gourd Society.

Jan placed second in the 2009 Northern Section Gourd show of the California Gourd Society. She also partook in the 2009 Made in Nevada Market Place show.

The Nevada Tourism Office selected Jan as a featured artist for their 2011 and 2012 sales missions to China. Her gourds were gifts for the various Chinese dignitaries that met with Nevada Tourism Office representatives.

Jan is also recurring artist in the Genoa Cowboy Festival in Genoa, NV.

Her work is in private collections in Connecticut, California, Tennessee, Ohio, Arizona, New York, South Carolina, Maine and Nevada. She is also a founding organizer and member of the annual Johnson Lane Artists Studio Tour in Minden NV